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NOTE: SID Developments was previously known as RWC Management

To date, RWC/SID Management has refused to supply me with legitimate contact information for the owner of the building I live in. The only address they have supplied is that of a Real Estate Company called Kellar-Williams, not the owner (Interlude Inc). One of the two separate addresses they supplied doesn't seem to exist, it's apparently the parking lot for the Kellar-Williams office. According to records, the same address is Also used by several Other "Real Estate Companies" as well. How ... odd.

SID Developments has been knowingly managing an illegal basement apartment in my building since they took over management in May 2021, apparently even After being notified of such by a City Building Inspector when a complaint was lodged by a neighbor.

During the entire winter 2021-2022 season SID Developments provided ZERO Snow Removal at my address and we had No Access Whatsoever to our Storage due to Snow Blockage.

Our grass has only been cut twice this year (2023). NO other yard maintenance has been performed. We can't use our driveway due to the overgrown hedge. As of this date no Regular Home/Yard Maintenance has been performed by SID Developments since they took over management on May 1'st, 2021 and several repairs that Have been started are still incomplete or are improperly installed.

SID Management Advertises - "... All of our living spaces are brand new or newly renovated to the highest standards. Included in each unit are your own washing facilities as well as year-round property maintenance ..." - uh huh. Below are some examples of our yard. Year-round property maintenance? A Lie. Newly Renovated? A Lie. Highest standards? A Lie. Each unit has it's own washing facilities? A Lie. Examples:

(images taken on August 8, 2023) - YARD1 - YARD2 - YARD3 - YARD4 - YARD5 - YARD6 - YARD7

I discovered a tenant, who was VERY deceased, in one of the apartments on October 12, 2021, OVER TWO YEARS AGO, and as of Oct. 28, 2023, SID Developments has STILL not cleaned the unit. It took them almost Three Months, until January 2022, before they even cleared out his belongings. A construction dumpster was required to empty the 100's of bags of garbage he had hoarded. They cut up his furniture with power tools and threw it out the window rather that carrying it down the single flight of stairs.

Even though a new lock was installed for our storage area (garage), the latch itself is badly rusted and attached to rotten wood, the new heavier lock actually makes it Easier for someone to just twist the entire thing off. The twin doors are falling off, and the window inside, shattered by birds flying around INSIDE the storage area 2 years ago, remains broken. Dead leaves and other debris that have blown in through the door and window litters the entire storage area.

This is a prime example of the workmanship performed by SID Management employees and/or contractors. The "qualified "contractor, supervised by an SID Developments employee, missed the studs over 25 TIMES when installing this top rail and 12 times on the bottom rail. Notice the holes near the electrial outlet .....

They FINALLY got both rails more-or-less properly attached on the FOURTH attempt. As of the current date the plastered holes and several other required repairs dating back 2 1/2 years remain unfinished.

UPDATE: Sid Developments is now attempting to sell the house.


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